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Outdoor Furniture by Material

Weather patio season with outdoor tables, chairs, sofas and stools built to last. Wood, metal and resin wicker are among the best materials for outdoor furniture that is attractive, comfortable and long-lasting. Shop by patio furniture material to find the style that best suits your garden, yard or patio as well as your specific outdoor entertaining needs.


Aluminum is a lightweight choice, meaning furniture constructed with it is easily picked up and moved—an ideal material if you'll often be arranging and rearranging your patio set. Aluminum requires little maintenance to preserve look and function, as it's resistant to rust and stain. Stainless steel, a more heavy-duty metal, is a good choice for smaller furniture that might otherwise be affected by strong winds as well as core pieces like dining tables and sofas that will largely remain stationary. Add an extra layer of plush comfort to either material with durable, UV-resistant Sunbrella outdoor cushions in a range of vibrant colors and patterns.


The best wood for outdoor furniture is indisputably teak. Not only is it FSC-certified, meaning it is an environmentally responsible choice, but teak also contains natural oils that make it highly durable and resistant to rain, inclement weather, temperature changes, and general wear and tear. It's also a popular material choice for patio sets because of its beautiful natural honey-hued look. If the teak is left untreated, the color of the wood will fade to a natural, even-toned grey patina. To keep it looking light, simply use teak protector to seal in the color about once a year, or as needed.

Resin Wicker

Resin wicker, or synthetic wicker, is an all-weather alternative to natural wicker, which can deteriorate in rain or snow. Resin wicker is built to last and is made from polyethylene, which is what makes the material resistant to sun, moisture and inclement weather. Sometimes used to complement aluminum furniture frames, resin wicker has a versatile look and can be paired with both wood and metal. Consider comfortable resin wicker seating on your patio with a smattering of round high and low metal tables in a coordinating color.

No matter your home decor style, you'll need outdoor furniture that lasts without sacrificing form. Urban or rustic, contemporary or classic, you can find patio furniture or outdoor sets to meet your needs.


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