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Le Creuset ® Signature Stainless Steel Fry Pans Le Creuset ® Signature Stainless Steel Fry Pans
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Le Creuset ® Mugs Le Creuset ® Mugs
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Le Creuset Products

Le Creuset cookware from Crate and Barrel lets you cook with confidence. A trusted name in premium cookware, Le Creuset offers a full range of cast iron, hard-anodized nonstick and aluminum-core stainless steel pieces. Browse Le Creuset cooking items for your kitchen, including skillets, pans, grills, Dutch ovens and pots. Learn more about the Le Creuset cookware we offer.


Prepare your favorite dishes with durable, high-quality cookware from Le Creuset. We have all the pieces you need, including:

  • French Ovens—A signature cookware piece from Le Creuset, our French ovens are a must-have for the at-home chef. Great for creating soups, roasting meats and much more, these cookware pieces are versatile for helping you prepare a variety of dishes. Choose from French ovens in 5.5 and 7.5 quart sizes.
  • Stockpots and Saucepans—Le Creuset pots and pans are versatile cookware pieces great for cooking sauces, chili, soups, hot cider, cocoa and much more. Choose from stockpots and sauce pans in a variety of small and large sizes. We also have multipot sets with all the cookware pieces you need.
  • Skillets—Perfect for frying an egg, cooking meat and sauteing vegetables, these skillets are as versatile as they are practical. Le Creuset skillets do not require seasoning and are easy to clean with soap and warm water.
  • Grill Pans—These pans bring the best of cooking on the grill indoors. These pans are ideal for those who prefer to grill year round or those who live in smaller spaces and don't have room for a grill. Use this pan to grill meat, vegetables, sandwiches and much more.

Our selection of Le Cresuet cookware includes a full range of bright colors as well as classic neutrals. Choose from cookware pieces in blue, orange, green, cream, red and black.


Le Creuset bakeware is also available in many of the same color options as its cookware line so you can create a cohesive look for your kitchen. Choose from a variety of bakeware pieces, including:

  • Baking Dishes—Great for cooking roasts and casseroles, these baking dishes can effortlessly go from oven to table for an easy, stylish presentation. We have baking dishes from Le Creuset in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the style you need.
  • Au Gratin Dishes—Another versatile bakeware piece, au gratins are perfect for cooking casseroles, potato dishes, vegetables, baked pasta and cobblers.
  • Loaf Pans—Loaf pans from this leading brand are perfect for main dishes as well as baked goods. Try these loaf pans for making bread, meatloaf, pound cake and more.

Kitchen Accessories

In addition to our core cookware and bakeware pieces from Le Creuset, we also have a variety of other accessories from this top brand, including salt and pepper mills, jam jars, honey pots, utensil holders, storage jars, tea kettles and more.

Find all the essentials you need for a well-stocked kitchen. Shop our selection of Le Creuset cookware, bakeware and more.

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