Robert Welch Flatware and Knives

About Robert Welch

Robert Welch is an internationally recognized British design studio that has been producing museum-worthy looks for more than 60 years. The studio was founded in 1955 by Robert Welch upon leaving the Royal College of Art. He set up shop in an 18th century silk mill at Chipping Campden in the English Cotswold hills. Located in south west England, this medieval market town was a center for the early 20th century Cotswold Arts and Crafts movement, an extension of the English Arts and Crafts Movement. The town drew to it designers who worked with metal and furniture.

Like many industrial designers of his era, Robert Welch was passionate about designs that were affordable, functional and beautiful. He first applied his talents to the production of stainless steel silverware and his elegant design sensibility was in due time rewarded. He developed a reputation for beautifully crafted flatware and his talents were sought out by commercial interests and wealthy private individuals alike.

Over the years Robert Welch gathered about him like minded designers and craftsman to further develop his brand. His work is on display at world class museums like the UK's Victoria and Albert Museum and New York's MoMA. Upon his passing in 2000, his business went to his son Rupert and daughter Alice who carry on his passion for elegance in design to this very day. They have expanded the Robert Welch brand beyond flatware and decorative objects to household items for the kitchen, dining and living rooms.


Crate and Barrel is proud to carry several products developed by this leader in contemporary design. People are drawn to Robert Welch pieces because of the classic styling that effortlessly transitions from everyday to more elegant occasions. Comfortably substantial, you can sense the craftsmanship that has gone into making each knife, fork and spoon.


Robert Welch's simple aesthetic is evident in beautifully designed objects for the home. Crafted from stainless steel, they gleam with an approachably modern sensibility.


In 2005, Robert Welch challenged their designers to create the "best knives in the world," and so they developed the Robert Welch Knife collection. The designers spent two years researching and refining their ideas, working with professional chefs and master craftsmen. The result is the Robert Welch Signature Cutlery line.

Robert Welch knives are forged from a single piece of German stainless steel.The handles are made from Derlin, a synthetic material, and molded directly onto the tang. It's a single, solid piece rather than being attached to either side of the tang with rivets. Even the "RW" on the end of each handle is made of steel attached directly to the tang and not a decal applied afterward.

Independent testers put the blades through a series of use tests along with other well known knives and Robert Welch's Signature Line performed in the top 1 percent of all brands. Since its introduction in 2007, the line has received numerous awards for design and performance. The Along with the Robert Welch Signature Line, we are proud to sell attractively priced steak knife and carving sets designed by Robert Welch.

Shop our selection of Robert Welch flatware, home decor and cutlery and experience the joy of owning a beautiful designed, functional household item.

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