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About Wusthof

Wusthof, one of the world's leaders in quality cutlery for household use, prides itself on its more than 200-year history. Founded in the "City of Blades" Solingen, Germany, the company is still family-owned and has been for seven generations. Constantly evolving their brand, they apply the latest technological innovations to their many cutlery lines. Every knife features their iconic logo of a trident with three prongs that stand for "passion," "diligence" and "perfection."

Crate and Barrel has been proud to carry Wusthof knives for most of its history. The brand was in step with the founder's vision of introducing the U.S. market to beautifully crafted European goods. Learn more about the Wusthof products we offer.

Wusthof Knife Lines

We have three lines of Wusthof knives so customers have plenty of options to choose from for price, function and style.

  • Gourmet-Wusthof's entry level collection features beautifully balanced knives laser-stamped from sheets of high carbon stain-resistant steel. The laser-cut technology ensures a sharp blade. Lighter in weight, the synthetic, riveted handle is comfortable to hold.
  • Classic-Wusthof's Classic line features sturdy blades individually forged from blanks of high carbon, stain-resistant steel. The knives feature a full tang that makes the knife well-balanced and comfortable to use. The precision v-ground edge stays sharp longer and the riveted, synthetic handle feels good in the hand. This is Wusthof's most popular line with professional chefs and home cooks alike.
  • Classic Ikon-With its clean ergonomic handle, Classic Ikon has many of Wusthof's Classic line features. The blades are forged from high carbon, stain resistant steel with v-ground blades. However, the differences make it stand out. The Classic Ikon series knives feature blades with a recessed bolster that are easy to sharpen and ergonomically designed, synthetic handles.

Blade Variety

We carry a wide variety of Wusthof knives to meet all of your preparation needs. If you are looking for basic knives, we have chef's knives—Wusthof calls them cook's knives—in 6" and 8" sizes, a variety of wusthof paring knives and se
rrated bread knives and utility knives that are perfect for cutting through items with tough exteriors and soft interiors. No matter what Wusthof line you prefer—Gourmet, Classic or Classic Ikon—you will find a basic knife to suit your needs.

We also offer a variety of more specialized knives from Wusthof like a thin, flexible boning knife, a peeling knife, a heavy duty cleaver and a serrated tomato knife. You will also find a wide selection of Asian-style blades that have become kitchen essentials over the past few years. We carry the versatile santoku in 5" and 7" sizes, the nakiri knife for prepping fruits and vegetables and the broad Chai Dao, Wusthof's version of the Chinese cleaver.

Many Wusthof knives feature a hollow edge blade. Also known as a Granton edge, these blades are designed to keep food from sticking to the knife blade when slicing, cutting and chopping. Depending on the Wusthof knife style, you will find a variety of straight edge, serrated and scalloped blades.

Knife Sets

Wusthof knife sets are a terrific way of starting a knife collection. Crate and Barrel carries a wide variety of knife sets from the simple 2-piece carving set that includes a slicer and meat fork, to larger sets with a variety of knives, a knife block, kitchen shears and sharpening steel. We also have Wusthof Steak Knife sets in the Gourmet, Classic and Classic Ikon lines.

Shop our assortment of Wusthof knives and find a terrific knife set to get you started or a unique specialty knife to add to your collection.

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