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When it comes to comfort, hemp sheets are a dream to sleep on—relaxed, breathable, and lightweight enough to keep hot sleepers cool all night long. Bonus? Hemp gets softer with every wash, so it will only get better with age.

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Grown without pesticides
or synthetic fertilizers.

Material: 100% hemp

Relaxed yet durable.

Breathability: High

Lightweight for a cool night’s sleep.

Texture: Relaxed

Fabric softens with washing.

Picking the Best Bedding Material

When selecting bedding for your home, it's important that the type you choose is both soft and stylish. Considering different bedding materials is a smart way to make the most informed decision for your bedroom. Organic cotton bedding, for example, is smooth and breathable, well-suited to both cool and warm temperatures. Linen, meanwhile, is a natural fiber that's refreshing to the touch. Looking to capture a classic bedroom image? Striped sheets of linen have a timeless look that adds texture to the space. Percale, sateen and hemp are other bedding fabrics to keep in mind when weighing the best sheets to buy. Earth-friendly designs assure that no matter which you opt for, your choice is an environmentally responsible one.

Bedding Material Colors and Designs

Once you've determined what the best bedding material is for your room, there's also the questions of color and design. Organic cotton and linen sheets offer many options for colorful bedding, including striking reds and yellows as well as light pastel shades of pink and blue. Want something more subdued? White, grey and dark blue bedding has minimalist appeal that meshes with your furniture and decor. When shopping for a child's room, see if there are any hues that speak to their style. Kids blue bedding is a popular choice, while brighter shades add an eye-catching and playful touch. After the bedding fabric is picked out, remember that pillows complete the look. In addition to comfortable styles to sleep on, browse decorative throw pillow ideas for visual intrigue and extra coziness.