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Dinner Plates for the Dining Table

Set an elegant table suited for any meal or occasion with our modern dinner plates. Whether you prefer the simplicity of an all-white place setting, the playful vibe of colorful plates or something in between, there are dining plates to suit your aesthetic. When purchasing the best dinner plates for your home, there are a few different factors to consider, including material, shape and color. While the differences between these food plate options are primarily aesthetic, they also play a role in your post-meal cleanup and reheating options, too. For help choosing your plates, check out our dinnerware buying guide or keep reading for a quick summary of the pros and cons that come with each dinner plate type.

Dinner Plate Materials

While most dining plates are made of ceramic, different types of ceramic plates have different properties based on their clay composition and the firing method with which they were manufactured. For those who just want something simple, you can't go wrong with stoneware plates; in addition to being microwave-, dishwasher- and even oven-safe, these low-maintenance picks often come in eye-catching free-form shapes and glaze patterns to help you create a unique tablescape. Looking for something a bit more formal? Consider opting for earthenware or porcelain plates instead. Despite the similarity of their names, earthenware dishes require a bit more care than stoneware pieces due to their susceptibility to chipping and cracking. To keep them looking their best, hand-wash and air dry your earthenware, and only microwave these plates on the medium or low setting. If you prefer a classic look, porcelain dinnerware might also fit your style. Usually white in hue, porcelain dishes resemble fine china but can also be placed in the dishwasher. As with all ceramic plates, utensils may leave grey deposit marks on these dishes over time, but a mild abrasive cleaner will help minimize their visibility.

Dining Plate Sizes and Shapes

Once you've selected a material, you'll need to choose a shape and size for your dinner plates. Because of their classic look and popularity, you'll find a greater scope of options among round plates. Their lack of corners complements similarly shaped drinking glasses and makes it easy for utensils to pick up small bites of food. Choose between traditional plates featuring rims to hold in sauces and gravy, or rimless coupe plates, which have a slightly convex shape to channel food toward the center of the dish. Oval dinner plates offer the same benefits but add an unexpected touch to the look of your table. If you've got a modern dining room furniture set, match that bold energy with square-shaped dinner plates instead. Like a picture frame, the straight edges accentuate the food plated on the surface for an enticing presentation. Mirror their angular shape with square art prints on the walls and rectangle placemats at each seat. Not sure whether to go big or small for your dinnerware set? Small dinner plates are great for portion control and artful presentation, while large plates encourage guests to enjoy generous helpings of your home-cooked meals.

Food Plate Colors and Designs

Perhaps the most fun part of selecting a set of plates is choosing a color and design. Clean and simple, white dinnerware never goes out of style. Easily dress it up or down by swapping out your table runner, napkins and centerpiece for special occasions. Black or grey dining plates, meanwhile, add an unexpected touch to complement contemporary spaces. To add a little color to your tablescape, consider opting for blue plates instead. Thanks to their serene hue, these pieces evoke a casual, intimate feeling that accentuates the table's function as a hub of conversation. If you're not ready to commit to a colorful plate set but still want to infuse your table setting with visual interest, look for neutral plates featuring colorful rims or reactive glazes, which create subtle patterns on the plate's surface for a totally unique finish. Feeling festive? Food plates with seasonal designs, such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving plates or Christmas dinnerware elevate your holiday celebrations as you gather with loved ones and enjoy your favorite foods.

Casual Versus Formal Dinner Plates

While it's not necessary, many homes have two sets of different dinner plates: one for everyday and one for formal occasions. To minimize maintenance, select everyday plates that are both dishwasher- and microwave-safe. If you're going to hand-wash, look for lunch plates without extra details such as embossing or beading that require additional scrubbing. Give the dining room cohesion with dinner plate collections, or instead place different sizes, colors and designs side-by-side for an eclectic touch. Store these kitchen plates in an open cabinet or other easily accessible storage space so that family members can grab them whenever they need a snack. Hosting a cocktail party or other formal dinner? Leave your quotidian dishes on the shelf and set the table with your fancy dinner plates instead. Because they are only used for formal events, this is your opportunity to experiment with delicate materials and intricate patterns that call for a little more care. Impress your guests with dining plates featuring embossed rims or designer influences, such as those from the Athena Calderone and Leanne Ford dinnerware collections. Complete your setup with coordinating glassware and flatware and finish by placing a hand-written place card at each guest's seat.

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