Kitchen Dish Towels

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Kitchen Dish Towels for a Clean Workspace

Keep yourself and your kitchen clean with quality dish towels of every material and color. When preparing a meal, kitchen towels are an essential part of the process. Use one dish towel to wipe off your work surface, whether it's the countertop or a cutting board, and be sure to keep a second kitchen hand towel within reach to dry your hands between washes. If you need to use multiple kitchen hand towels while cooking, opt for a dish cloth and a kitchen towel set. Or, fill your kitchen space with two sets of dishwashing cloths and flour sack towels—one for drying dinnerware and another for food preparation. Once the meal is done and it's time to wash the dishes, use a kitchen dish towel to dry everyday cookware, or wipe down your fine china with a delicate tea towel. Keeping a set of the best kitchen dish cloths on hand ensures that your dishes are dry and ready to be put away quickly for a clutter-free space.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Dish Towels

Not sure what the best dish towels are for your space? Consider factors such as color and material when choosing modern dishtowels. If much of your cookware, apron and decor are all red, for example, red dish towels help round out the look of the space. Alternatively, sets of white dish towels and linen kitchen towels bring classic style to the kitchen. For a festive touch to your food preparation space, switch out your plain cotton dish towels for holiday dish towels to coordinate with decor for Easter, Halloween or Christmas. No matter the design, kitchen linens like kitchen towels and dish towels help prepare you for cooking projects of all kinds. From light kitchen tea towels to versatile kitchen cloths, be sure to select the best kitchen towels for your needs.

Other Uses for Kitchen Towels

Apart from cleaning up spills and drying dishes, kitchen cloths are also useful for a variety of other meal prep tasks. Don't have a salad spinner? Avoid soggy greens by using absorbent terry cloth kitchen towels to dry off the veggies, gently patting them until dry. Or, if you've got leftover carrot sticks and cucumber slices once you're done putting your meal together, place them in bowls and cover with a damp dish cloth to prevent them from drying out in the refrigerator. For enthusiasts of homemade bread, skip the plastic wrap when proofing your dough at room temperature in favor of a more eco-friendly option; a moist tea towel on top of the bowl seals in warmth for the perfect rise. In a pinch and can't find your oven mitt? Fold a dish towel in half and use it to grip pot or pan handles as you transfer them from the stovetop to a trivet.

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