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Lighting Fixtures for Every Room in Your Home

Lighting is an essential component in any home, and adding sophisticated lighting fixtures is an easy way to elevate your home's decor. From entryways and hallways to kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, find table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps and more to complement your personal style. Read on to discover tips and advice for adding lighting fixtures to any room of your home.

Entryway: Wall lighting fixtures are the easiest option for this space, as they don't crowd the floor, which can be limited in entryways. A hanging chandelier pendant is a classic way to illuminate the whole area and add an elegant piece of classic-looking decor. Alternatively, install a pair of coordinating wall sconces. The wall fixtures will draw the eye to entryway furniture and wall decor like mirrors. Finish the space with a simple table lamp on the table for soft, serene home lighting.

Kitchen: Ceiling light fixtures are also ideal for the kitchen, another area often in need of ample light. Consider hanging a pendant directly over your kitchen island for task lighting. Styles with exposed bulbs not only provide enough illumination to make food prep safe and easy—they fit perfectly with the rustic, utilitarian vibe of a well-used kitchen.

Dining Room: Chandeliers over the dining table are a traditional look for the dining room. Choose from styles a variety of styles ranging from classic round shapes with exposed bulbs to opulent glass or metal designs with shielded bulbs. Or, line coordinating wall lighting fixtures down the length of the room. The sconces provide dimmer, more atmospheric lighting, while pendants spotlight the dining table and have greater reach.

Living Room: Because it's likely one of your most expansive rooms, you can utilize all kinds of home lighting fixtures in the living room, giving each section its own illumination and feel. Floor lamps can be arranged behind or to the side of the sofa. Use sleek, modern arc lamps to extend lighting out over the sofa or another chair or table. Table lamps can be positioned on an end table, behind the sofa on a console table, on a side table near an armchair or on a media console shelf.

Hallway: Because hallways aren't spaces we spend a lot of time in, they only require adequate brightness for us to pass through. Installation of a couple of wall lighting fixtures on either side of the hall should do the trick. Much like in the entryway, you can set up a table lamp on a console table, so long as the light of the bulb reaches both ends of the hall.

Bathroom: The most important factor to keep in mind when choosing bathroom lighting fixtures is safety—is the model you chose approved for bathroom use? Sconces are the most common bathroom fixture. Recreate a Hollywood-style vanity mirror by flanking the fixtures on either side of the mirror over the sink.

Bedroom: A table lamp on your nightstand will provide ample light for nighttime reading and writing. If you sleep with a partner in a queen- or king-sized bed, position a second lamp in a matching design on the other bedside table as well, so that each can control his own light. Place a floor lamp in a corner of your room near the dresser or boudoir to illuminate the tabletop. If you have an armchair or reading nook in your bedroom, arrange the floor lighting to illuminate it, as well.

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