Quilts & Coverlets

Choosing a Quilt or Coverlet

Coverlets and quilts are two of the most versatile pieces of bedding you can own. Decorative but also soft and comfortable, they each complete the look of your bed and add a touch of luxury by sitting atop your thicker comforter or duvet. While they function similarly, quilts are sewed with channel stitching, which gives them that characteristic patchwork look. While quilts can be used as either bedding or throw blankets on a sofa or reading chair, coverlets are only meant for use as bedspreads. Both are necessary for stylish linen layering. Here's how to make up hotel-quality bedding in your own home.

How to Make a Bed, Hotel-Style

Not only will a well-made bed make the room feel fresh and clean, it'll boost the overall comfort of it as well. While a king or California king bed has the ultimate master-suite feel, these tips can be applied to twin, full and queen-sized mattresses, too—even extra-long twins, for all dorm-dwellers in need of a little extra frill.

Start from the mattress and work your way up to the outer layers. Crisp white sheets and pillowcases are a classic look. White is an ever-fresh look, and the hue never goes out of style. Choose linen over cotton, as it's a slightly firmer material that gets softer with every wash. When pulling over your duvet or comforter, make sure to tuck it under the pillows at the head, not exposing any of the sheets. Take advantage of the bedspread's size and leave the layering for the shorter, smaller blankets.

Next, add coordinating decorative pillows. Hotels are all about over-the-top luxury, so don't be afraid to pile on the plush. Plus, decorative pillows can easily be set to the side while making the bed down. Opt for colors that complement each other, and experiment with textures. A good mix of velvet, satin, cotton, faux fur and yarn weaving makes for a dynamic, full-looking bed. Stack them in the shape of a pyramid on its side, gradually tapering off in width. Be sure to fluff up the pillows to fill out the headboard space.

Finally it's time to layer bedspreads. Give your bed that classic fold-down look by laying the coverlet over the comforter and pulling back and folding down a few inches at the top. If you're using both a coverlet and a quilt, put the quilt down first, then the coverlet. Fold both back so that all the textures and colors are visible. Alternatively, fold the quilt longways and lay it across the foot of the bed. Whatever way you choose to layer, keep the different colors and designs of the bedspreads visible for an elegant style.

Take that extra time to make your bed up in the mornings so that when you finally peel back and crawl under the covers after a long day at work, your bed never fails to feel special.

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