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How to Choose Bedding

Each day, you spend about as much time in your bed as you do at your job. While those blissful eight hours in dreamland may seem to fly by most nights, they constitute a significant chunk of your life. Why not invest in luxury bed linens and bedding collections? This list of types of bedding tells you exactly what to look for in luxury linens to help you make your dream bed.

Types of Bedding

Mattress Pad: Your mattress should be an investment, and your mattress pad should work to protect that investment. This bed topper will stave off inevitable wear and tear, dirt and dust mites and generally extend the life of your mattress. It also adds extra cushioning and support, making your bed irresistibly plush.

Fitted Sheet: This sheet should cover both your mattress and your mattress pad, providing a soft surface to lie on. Deep corner pockets have a little extra wiggle room for thicker mattresses or mattresses with a thick pad or bed topper.

Flat Sheet: Flat sheets are the first layer of the bed that you can actually use to cover yourself as you sleep. Choose your sheet set fabric based on temperature—cotton and linen are warm, yet lightweight and ideal for summer months, while sateen and flannel are cozier in the winter months.

Duvet: Your duvet is one of the outermost bed linens and is typically comprised of two components—the insert and the cover. Duvet inserts are available in both down and hypoallergenic down alternative options. Duvet covers are usually constructed with cotton or linen, and are removeable and machine washable to keep your insert clean.

Quilt: Quilts can take the place of a comforter or duvet in warm-weather months, as it's a lighter bed linen. In cold-weather months, quilts can be laid on top of the comforter or duvet for extra warmth and coziness. Like duvet covers, this bedding is also machine washable and can be coordinated with bed pillow shams.

Blanket: Blankets are a necessity in guest rooms—you never know what a guest's sleeping needs will be, and they're an easy way to layer up if your home is too cold for their comfort. Because it doesn't have filling, a blanket is much more lightweight than a quilt and can easily be stored in a linen closet or wardrobe drawers until it's needed in any season. Alternatively, it can lay folded at the foot of the bed, just in case. It can also add a nice pop of color to your bedroom.

Pillow Shams and Pillowcases: Pillow shams and pillowcases have the dual functionality of protecting your bed pillows and tying your bed together aesthetically, by coordinating in color and pattern with the top layer of your bedding. Machine washable, luxuriously soft 300-thread count cotton makes for a plush, comfortable pillowcase to lay your head down at night. Shams are typically a decorative touch for top of bed but can be helpful when propped behind your pillowcases while reading in bed.

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