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Russel Natural 18"x12" Pillow
Selected Color: Natural
New Russel Natural 18"x12" Pillow
EUR 45.13 each
Roussel Blue Velvet 20" Pillow
Selected Color: Blue
Roussel Blue Velvet 20" Pillow
EUR 40.61 each
Brenner Sage Green 18"x12" Velvet Pillow Brenner Sage Green 18"x12" Velvet Pillow
Clearance EUR 16.24 each our reg. price. EUR 27.06 each
Cimarron 20" Pillow New Cimarron 20" Pillow
EUR 40.61 - EUR 54.16
Kita 20" Pillow New Kita 20" Pillow
EUR 49.65 - EUR 63.20
Russel Black 18"x12" Pillow
Selected Color: Black
New Russel Black 18"x12" Pillow
EUR 45.13 each
Una 18" Pillow New Una 18" Pillow
EUR 90.30 each
Carmine 18" Pillow New Carmine 18" Pillow
EUR 34.29 - EUR 45.13
Delia 20" Pillow New Delia 20" Pillow
EUR 49.65 - EUR 63.20
Trevino Aegean Blue 20" Pillow Trevino Aegean Blue 20" Pillow
Clearance EUR 20.75 - EUR 34.30 our reg. price. EUR 36.09 - EUR 49.65

How to Decorate with Decorative Pillows

Adding decorative pillows to a room is one of the quickest and simplest ways to update the look of your space. Living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms feel richer and more comfortable with pillows. You can also easily decorate for seasons and holidays. Consider velvets and faux-furs for fall and winter. Linens, cottons and other lighter fabrics work well in the summer and spring.

Choosing Color and Pattern

One way to decorate a sofa with pillows is to alternate patterns and solids. If bold patterns already exist in the room, look for pillows that complement existing design elements. You can also try subtle patterns in the same hue if you prefer to avoid plain covers. If patterns are not your style, consider all solids within the color scheme of the room. With florals, feel free to mix and match as you please. Contrasting leather with faux fur makes a strong, modern statement.

Ideas For Each Room

In the living room, choose larger square shapes for sofa corners. This keeps the middle free for guests to enjoy a few well-placed lumbar pillows. These shapes are a great fit for easy chairs and dining chairs, providing both visual appeal and back support. In the bedroom, layer various shapes to create a sumptuous, inviting appeal.

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