Outdoor Pillows

Decorate Your Outdoor Space with Pillows

Outdoor pillows are the essential finishing touches for spaces that invite family and guests to recline and relax outside. They balance beauty and function by softening outdoor rooms while withstanding weather elements. Pillows also provide endless opportunities to play with designs and palettes that do not currently exist inside your home. High-quality fabrics resist mold, mildew and fading. Covers are machine washable and do not shrink when washed. When exposed to liquid, our fabric forms beads to resist staining.

For reading nooks and sitting areas, consider adding solid colors, bright patterns, or a combination of both to inspire visual interest and a sense of plush comfort. Mix up shapes on sofas and chairs with a combination of square and lumbar outlines. For alfresco dining, choose lumbar pillows that provide back support and visual interest with their unusual shape. They also make club chairs appear larger and more welcoming, while poufs double as extra seating and bring eye-catching whimsy. Even if you don't have a deck or patio, you can still create opportunities for outdoor-living on balconies and front porches. Choose space-conscious furniture and enrich your new oasis with bright pops of color or bold, playful patterns. Because it is easy to swap colors and patterns depending on your mood or the season, pillows are an ideal way to decorate any outdoor space.