Snacks & Condiment Serveware

Whether you're munching on movie-night popcorn in the basement or serving your signature guacamole with homemade tortilla chips, display your creations in snack and condiment serveware. Inviting friends and family over for a cocktail party or dinner? Set a chip and dip bowl on the coffee table for guests to nibble on as they mingle. Alternatively, create an hors d'oeuvre spread: place drinkware and a beverage dispenser at one end of the bar or kitchen island, and on the other side arrange various appetizers. Place the cheese tray near bite-sized fruits, and organize foods that go together in divided servers—think veggies with dips, and chocolates with nuts. Snack and condiment serveware isn't just for appetizers, either. Once the food is finished and everyone is ready for dinner, bring gravy boats and butter dishes to the table. That way, no one needs to run to the kitchen during the meal.