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Decorating with Baskets

Take your home from cluttered to calm by decorating with baskets. Whether using them for storage or as decorative accents, baskets complement nearly any aesthetic. Looking for hidden storage solutions in the living room? Use a wicker basket with a lid to corral remote controls, video game controllers and television accessories. The lid conceals what's inside and allows for easy stacking with other baskets next to a media console. Fill multiple woven storage baskets with small tchotchkes, and place them on a modular bookcase or glass coffee table. Large rattan floor baskets are the ideal home for extra blankets and throw pillows. Push one against a chair, sofa or loveseat for quick access. In the kids' playroom, consider using baskets with handles for toys and art supplies. If there's limited space in the playroom, opt for baskets that serve as underbed storage instead. Store fruits and vegetables in tiered baskets on the kitchen counter and organize the laundry with woven hampers. For additional storage in the bathroom, stash makeup, towels and accessories in wire baskets tucked under the sink.