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Bar Accessories

Rabbit Clear Ice Mold Rabbit Clear Ice Mold
Clearance EUR 15.08 our reg. price. EUR 18.83
Wood And Copper Bottle Opener Wood And Copper Bottle Opener
Clearance EUR 6.58 our reg. price. EUR 9.39
Sealed Flask Sealed Flask
Clearance EUR 2.80 our reg. price. EUR 3.73
Orb Ice Tongs Orb Ice Tongs
Clearance EUR 5.64 our reg. price. EUR 9.39
Ice Crusher Mallet with Bag Ice Crusher Mallet with Bag
Clearance EUR 11.30 our reg. price. EUR 28.27
Carter Pitcher Carter Pitcher
Clearance EUR 28.29 our reg. price. EUR 47.15
Marrakesh Coasters Set of Four Marrakesh Coasters Set of Four
Clearance EUR 18.85 our reg. price. EUR 23.55

Must-Have Bar Accessories

  • Muddler: a pestle-like tool used to mash fresh cocktail ingredients such as herbs and citrus. Crushing the ingredients releases extra flavor to be added to drinks and bar concoctions.

  • Jiggers: a small measuring device used to portion and pour liquor for mixed drinks. A shot is typically considered 1.5 ounces, but some jiggers offer measurement variations.
  • Cocktail Shakers: a device into which cocktail ingredients and ice cubes go. Cover the top, shake for several seconds and pour through a strainer for an instantly chilled beverage.
  • Cocktail Strainers: small, handheld sieves designed to fit the mouth of a cocktail shaker. Perforations filter out the chilled mixed drink into a serving glass while keeping the ice in the shaker.

  • Whiskey Rocks: solid soapstone spheres that are frozen, then dropped in a beverage to chill it without watering it down, as ice cubes do.
  • Swizzle Sticks: thin glass sticks used to stir mixed drinks or smoothe out carbonated beverages.
  • Shot Pourer: a bottle stopper with a short pourer that can be popped in and out of glass bottles. The pourer reduces drips and spilling while helping you better measure your pour and giving your home bar a professional flair.
  • Ice Buckets: insulated tubs to fill with ice for either bottle-chilling or for use in individual drink glasses.
  • Beverage Tubs: hold a party's worth of wines, beers and sodas in a chilling ice bath.
  • Coasters: a small mat or tray on which sweating drink glasses are placed to protect the bar or tabletop.

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