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How to Choose a Wine Glass Style

Pour your favorite reds, whites and rosés into stylish wine glasses from Crate and Barrel. From entertaining guests to simply relaxing at the end of the day, our stemware makes a chic presentation for a great glass of wine. We offer wine glasses for all wine types to bring out the distinct flavors and aromas of cabernets, champagnes and other favorites. For more casual serving, try our modern stemless wine glasses. These contemporary glasses are a relaxed alternative to traditional styles. You can choose from stemware in sets, or opt for single glasses to create your own collection. Learn more about the glass styles we offer.


Red wine is beautifully accentuated in our glasses. Designed to support distinct, bold flavors and aromas, our glasses have a larger bowl to bring out a wine's distinctive notes. We have red wine glasses for all your favorite varietals, including pinot noir, zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, burgundy, bordeaux, merlot, chianti and more. Red wine glasses are sold individually as well as in sets.


For those who prefer a glass of white, we also have a wide selection of glasses. Our chardonnay glasses have a U-shaped rounded bowl that perfectly complements the fuller taste of this white wine. We also have other glasses for lighter white wines. Our glasses are available as individual items or as part of sets of eight or 12.

Other Wine Glasses Options

In addition to our wide selection of stemmed red and white wine glasses, we also offer other options, including:

  • Champagne Flutes and Coupes—Toast with some bubbly in our champagne glasses. Effortlessly stylish, these glasses are a must-have for entertaining guests. We have champagne glasses in classic and contemporary styles.
  • Stemless—When you need a glass with an easy grip, our stemless wine glasses are the perfect solution. These glasses are effortless and uncomplicated, making them a perfect option for casual gatherings. Our stemless wine glasses can also double as stylish vases and much more.
  • Tasters—In addition to our full-sized wine glasses, we also have taster styles. These small 6 oz. wine glasses are great to have on hand for when you're hosting a wine tasting party or when you simply want to have a smaller serving of your favorite vino.
  • AcrylicAn acrylic wine glass is great to have on hand for casual entertaining indoors and out. Perfect for barbeques, our acrylic glasses are constructed of durable clear plastic that won't easily break. We offer both stemmed and stemless acrylic wine glasses.

Wine Accessories

In addition to our wine glasses, we also offer accessories for the perfect pour, including wine opener sets, corkscrews, glass markers, foil cutters, aerators, wine racks and more. We also have a wine storage kit to keep your glassware safe.

Find the perfect glass you need for casual and formal entertaining. Browse our selection of red and white wine glasses at a variety of price points.