Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Styles

Illuminate your space with light bulbs from Crate and Barrel. Available in traditional, round, cylindrical and abstract shapes, our light bulbs are perfect for lamps, exposed light fixtures and more. To get a vintage-inspired look, try our Edison-style filament bulbs with a 3,000-hour life span. Our globe light bulbs are great for classic lighting, providing more than 3,000 hours of light. Need a sleek light to brighten up your chandelier? Our candelabra light bulbs offer more than 1,500 hours of illumination. Learn more about the light bulbs we offer.


Incandescent bulbs are commonly known as standard bulbs and are ideal for general, accent and functional lighting. In an incandescent bulb, a filament is heated to a warm glow using an electric current. They can fit most standard light bulb sockets.

Edison/Vintage Filament

Edison bulbs are incandescent and have a charming classic look. Because of their unique appearance of the filaments, these styles are often used in exposed bulb fixtures.

Unique Bulb Shape: Globe

Every light fixture is unique and requires a specific kind of bulb. However, once you've settled on a bulb style, you may also want to choose a specific shape, such as globe. Reminiscent of old Hollywood, these timeless round bulbs look great in specialty mirrors, pendant lights and light fixtures.

Whether you need a single bulb or want to stock up on stylish bulbs to have ready at a moment's notice, we have the selection you need. Shop our collection of light bulbs for in your home.

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