Outdoor Lighting

How to Illuminate Patios with Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your space with outdoor lighting from Crate and Barrel. We have a variety of options that complement your personal style. From outdoor lanterns, walls sconces and hurricanes to plug-in string lights, flameless candles and battery operated lights, you'll find something you love in our collection. Learn more about the outdoor lighting options we offer.


Whether you're enjoying dining alfresco or talking with friends on the patio, candlelight creates ambience in an outdoor setting. Crate and Barrel has a carefully curated selection of outdoor candlelight options in many styles. Select from one of our lantern collections. We have beautiful glass paneled lamps with frames made from high-quality materials including metal finished in bronze or silver and wood. Most styles are available in two to three sizes so you can group them together for a dramatic presentation. Pair them with our pillar candles to create a warm glow. They also pair well with our flameless candles that feature a timer option. Set them so they come on at dusk and glow throughout the evening before turning off.

We also have an impressive assortment of outdoor hurricanes that have tall sides to protect a burning candle from gentles breezes or sudden gusts. Our hurricanes are made from a variety of outdoor-friendly materials including glass, ceramic and metal. Our lanterns and hurricanes can be used indoors and out.

Don't overlook wall-mounted outdoor candle holders and sconces that double as a functional piece of wall art. This style of candle holder typically works best with tealights and votive candles, although some of our options also work with pillar candles including flameless options.

Electric Lighting

We offer outdoor lighting options powered by electricity. Choose from lighting that plugs into an outlet or run on batteries. No matter what you choose, they add wonder to your outdoor space.


Once primarily associated with the holidays, string lights have become a popular option for outdoor lighting in any season. Globe and vintage style bulbs are powered by electricity from an outlet. Incandescent bulbs create the warm ambience that many seek for an outdoor setting, and string lights provide a way of decorating a space with light. Depending on the style, three lengths of string lights can be connected to create a canopy of light in a gazebo, or above a patio.


Battery operated lights have the convenience of being cordless so they can be used almost anywhere. The invention of low-energy LED lights have made battery operated string lights possible. Wrap a strand of outdoor LED light around a tree trunk or set them inside a lantern or hurricane as an alternative to a pillar candle. This style of lighting is a terrific option for outdoor umbrellas since there are no cords to deal with and get caught in the umbrellas' ribs. Many battery-operated outdoor lighting options feature a timer so they come on at a particular time, stay lit for a specified period and automatically turn off, preserving battery life.

Shop Crate and Barrel's curated collection of stylish lighting options to beautifully illuminate your outdoor spaces.

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