Chemex Pour Over Coffee Makers & Accessories

Chemex coffee makers are known not only for their artful hourglass shape and their classically minimalist polished wood collars, but also for unmatched dedication to producing a truly pure cup of joe. The iconic design of Chemex's drip coffee makers has not changed in over 70 years and is permanently on display at major museums around the country. Made with beautifully clear, nonporous glass, they are constructed to prevent the coffee from corruption by incidental flavors while brewing. The simple engineering includes no corrosive elements, reducing the overall bitterness of the coffee and allowing it to retain its natural flavor even after refrigerating and reheating. Keep coffee grounds and sediment out of your mug with patented natural brown paper filters from Chemex. Constructed without bleach, the filters help to keep the coffee pure and remove bitterness from the brew. And no coffee-lover's kitchen is complete without cream and sugar holders—find coordinating dispensers in that classic Chemex hourglass shape. Whether you're a morning caffeine fiend or prefer decaf with breakfast or dinner dessert, it's worthy for coffee purists and enthusiasts to invest in a coffee maker that retains the purity of the espresso bean and produces an overall superior java.

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