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New Cookware, Appliances and Kitchen Accessories

Whether you're looking for a different coffee maker or are furnishing an entirely new kitchen, find new cookware, appliances and other kitchen essentials. Chop, clean and prepare ingredients for your favorite recipes with cutting boards, colanders and high-quality knives. Search for cookware that matches your design scheme—think colorful dutch ovens and casserole dishes for kitchens with farmhouse charm, or opt for a retro feel with SMEG cookware. Alternatively, stock your cabinets and pot racks with stainless steel saucepans that look refined in any kitchen. Have oven mitts and pot holders on hand for hot saucepans, and keep a couple of brightly patterned dish towels nearby for spills. Looking to craft warm beverages with new kitchen appliances? Get your caffeine fix with a tea maker or french press. Don't forget baking must-haves such as mixing bowls, spatulas, measuring cups and whisks.