Salt and Pepper

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Salt and Pepper Shakers and Mills

Complete your kitchen with salt and pepper shakers and mills for your spice cabinet, dining table or countertop. Keep salt crocks and cellars near the stove to season soups, steaks and pastas as they cook. Large spice racks have enough space to store everything from cilantro to rosemary; be sure to explore seasonings from The Spice House or another high-quality brand to fill in the essentials. Arrange salt and pepper mills in the spice rack, and place it in a cabinet or along the back of your kitchen counter. To add freshly-ground flavor to any meal, keep modern salt and pepper shakers on your kitchen and dining tables to show off their unique style and keep them close at hand. Coordinate salt shakers to match other kitchen necessities and decor—pair marble utensil holders and spoon rests with a marble salt shaker and pepper mill nearby. For more formal occasions, look for a clean silhouette and delicate details, such as mirror-finish stainless steel constructions or copper bases. Bring an artisanal touch to dinner parties with a classic wood pepper mill alongside matching wood serving bowls and trays.

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