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Practical and beautiful, the right rug creates a functional and beautifully-balanced space both inside and outside your home. They provide the foundation for a room's color palette, inspire textural interest, bring comfort and warmth over hard floors, and influence a mood or style. Area rugs define seating and conversational spaces. Runners make hallways appear longer while bathmats bring safety and luxury to hard surfaces. Doormats keep dirt outside and provide opportunities for whimsical designs. Highly durable outdoor rugs bring the comfort and style in your home to decks and patios. In any room or space, rugs are the cornerstone of cohesive design.


Choosing the right material is easy to accomplish by identifying how you use the space. For lower-traffic areas where softness, durability and luxury are key, choose a wool or wool-blend. These materials are appropriate for dry, low-traffic areas. Synthetic blends and natural fibers are tough, easy to clean and collect less dirt than wool. They work well in high-traffic areas while maintaining a rich appearance. Soft and durable cowhide is stain-resistant and brings a unique look to your space, while sheepskin is a natural material ideal for dry areas where warmth and fluffy softness are most desired. Rugs made from reclaimed yarn or rubber create interesting textures and are environmentally sensitive.

Design tips

For whole rooms, choose a size that is at least six inches and not more than two feet away from the wall. If your furniture has a commanding pattern, consider a solid color to ground and pull together the space. Alternately, for more subtle furniture designs, try a pattern to make the room come alive. In neutral and monochromatic color schemes, add visual interest by incorporating pieces with unique textures. To decorate outdoor spaces, look for patterns that mimic existing natural elements.


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