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Looking to style your home with any and all rugs? When it comes to interior decorating, all rugs add a touch of sophistication to your space and transform the look of any room in your home. Before refreshing your space, ask yourself, what are the different types of rugs that best suit your home. There are several types of rugs that can accentuate any space. One being an area rug for the living room, its large size and stylish silhouette help anchor a couch, a slipcovered sofa or even furniture decor. An indoor/outdoor rug is also a smart pick when decorating your backyard or family room. Don't forget to consider what is the healthiest rug material when choosing an outdoor rug. Think durable materials, such as synthetic or polyester to withstand outside elements year round. Custom rugs are another great option when adding your own personal style to the home. When it comes to choosing the best rug for each room, consider what is a good weight for a rug. For instance, living room rugs made of nylon are large in size and heavy enough to anchor two loveseats and other main components of your family room. When styling a powder room, a lightweight bathroom rug is perfect to incorporate in the home. Not only do they provide a cozy finish to your bathroom floor, they also pair seamlessly with shower curtains and bathroom home decor. In the dining area, kitchen rugs add warmth and comfort come dinnertime. Prepping for an alfresco meal during the summer? Compliment you backyard bbq setup with a durable outdoor carpet or all-weather outdoor rug for every season. Whether you're looking to style indoors or outdoors, rugs can be used to define spaces, add warmth and color, or simply protect your floors from wear and tear. Explore all rugs to find the best fit for your home.