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6x9 Rugs by Color & Material

Whether it's wool, fur, natural fiber or synthetic, 6x9 rugs can transform any room. For example, colors such as beige and grey add a neutral touch, while bright oranges or 6x9 blue area rugs give off an eclectic flair. For a modern look, consider a 6x9 white rug to brighten up any room. Or, opt for a 6x9 black area rug to fit within a moody space. When it comes to material, choose one that will fit the style of your room. A casual bohemian aesthetic works best with a natural 6x9 jute rug. In contrast, a minimalist space can benefit from a 6x9 wool rug that provides a cozy fabric whilst highlighting your home furniture. Looking for something more budget friendly? Explore more options through our affordable rug sale.

Incorporating 6x9 Area Rugs within Each Room

Looking for a simple way to give the entertainment area a new feel? First, consider how your 6x9 rug size will fit comfortably under your sofas and accent chairs. Then, evolve your style with your favorite multi-colored 6x9 rug in the living room. Not only does it add texture, but it also creates an eye-catching accent that changes the look of the gathering area. For bedroom rugs, consider a neutral-style 6x9 rug under a queen bed or king bed frame for extra walking space. Then, accessorize the home office with a 6x9 rug. Consider placing it underneath the desk and office chair and above a 6x9 rug pad. The large area rug provides a cozy surface to rest your feet on. When cleaning it, be sure to adjust the vacuum to a low- or high-pile setting to safely get it looking like new. Lastly, if you want to revamp your patio space, choose a 6x9 outdoor rug to anchor your favorite furniture pieces.