Outdoor Wood Furniture

Types of Outdoor Wood Furniture

Entertain friends and unwind with the family in style this patio season with naturally chic wood outdoor furniture. Mahogany and teak are two of the best wood materials for reliable, long-lasting lounge and dining furniture. While they differ in appearance—mahogany boasts a deep red-brown coloring and teak is known for its warm honey hue—both are durable, all-weather materials and are certified by the FSC, making them an environmentally-responsible patio set choice. While both woods will develop a grey patina in place of their original color within a year of sitting outside, teak can be both sealed prior to the change as well as restored after greying begins.

Blonde Teak Care and Styling

To maintain the warm and welcoming finish of natural teak, use a teak protector on the wood. You need only apply once a year after the first time to preserve the condition of the wood furniture. Every time after, you will need to clean the wood using teak cleaner before reapplying the protector. Blonde wood pairs well with other blonde wood pieces, and can also bring a sleek natural element to metal accents. For example, consider arranging a teak outdoor chaise lounge chair next to a small metal side table. You could even coordinate the color of the side table with the Sunbrella chair outdoor cushion to bring the look together.

Weathered Teak Care and Styling

If left untreated, teak will turn to a silvery grey within the first few months of being outside. Over a year or two, that silver will darken into a mature, subdued grey. To stop the aging in the silvery grey stage, wait until the wood furniture color is where you want before applying teak shield. If you neglected to care for your teak or are unhappy with the coloring after a year, sand as needed, apply teak cleaner with a soft brush, then apply the protector. The cleaning should result in significantly lighter wood, and the protector will help bring back out those signature yellow undertones. Note that the greying of teak does not signify a deterioration in furniture quality or stability; rather, it simply gives the patio a quieter, more subtle look. If you choose to allow your wood to age naturally, the only maintenance required is regular cleaning with water and a mild soap.

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