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How to Choose an Accent Rug

Consider Size: This consideration will depend on the room in which you want to lay out the rug. If you wish to cover a wide expanse of space, like the living room floor, for example, your ideal accent rug is most likely an area rug. This type ranges from as small as 5'x8' up through 10'x14', more than enough fabric to cover flooring from the sofa to the fireplace or media console. Consider a runner rug for the high-traffic entryway and hallways to protect your floors. Runners have a rectangular shape, perfect for long, narrow spaces. No matter where you're planning to lay it down, you should measure the space before shopping for styles.

Consider Material: Wool is a traditional material for floor decor, as it's fairly stain-resistant and highly durable yet soft and comfortable to the touch. It's a sensible option for high-traffic spots such as the entryway or hallway. If you're considering an accent rug in the dining room, try wool for its formal look. Cotton rugs, alternatively, have a more casual appearance. Easy cleaning and smaller sizes make cotton excellent for the threshold of the back door, laundry room, or at the foot of the sink or oven in the kitchen. Polypropylene is durable enough for use outside as well as inside. Whichever material you choose will provide underfoot comfort, soften ambient sound and make your space cozy.

Consider Color and Pattern: Accent rugs are a simple touch to a room but can wholly set the tone of the space. If the area is furnished with simple, neutral furniture, don't shy away from vibrant colors and bold patterns. Sophisticated, multiculturally-inspired patterns make a splash in the living room or entryway. Cool tones and subtle geometric lines bring modern serenity to the entryway, hallway or bedroom. Designs with neutral colors or simple patterns such as stripes, squares, circles or chevrons add a familiar and sunny warmth to a family room or indoor-outdoor area.

How to Choose Curtains and Window Panels

Base your window treatment on both how much light you want to let into your space, as well as the general style and look of the room. Window panels come in sheer, semi-sheer and lined (opaque) designs. Because sheer curtains will by far let the most light in, they're best for spaces you want to always be well-lit and for which you need little privacy, such as the kitchen. Semi-sheer panels are versatile and can be used in any room, from the living room to the bedroom. If you need a deep darkness for a good night's sleep or want to block out the light from streetlamps in your living room at night, consider lined panels. Consider a 2-rod combination of a sheer curtain under lined drapes for versatile light control. Coordinate your curtain hardware, color and pattern with your furniture and rugs. Brass and wood curtain rods, finials and rings complement a rustic space while brass and gold curtain hardware look natural and chic in a modern room.

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