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Home Wall Decor by Room

Complete every room in your home and make the space your own with wall decor, mirror wall art, shelving and more accents.

Entryway Wall Decor

Make sure to include at least one wall mirror in your entryway. Not only does it allow you and your household one last appearance check before heading out the door, a mirror is also convenient and considerate for guests entering and leaving your home. If you have a small foyer, wall mirrors can also help open the space up and give the illusion that it's bigger than it truly is. If you don't have room for a console table or sideboard, skip the entryway furniture and instead use floating shelves to display home accents and framed photos. Pepper in a couple of little botanicals to keep the area fresh.

Living Room Wall Decor

Unique wall art can transform a plain living room, giving it a cultured, cosmopolitan feel. Choose one or two statement prints or paintings to set the tone for the space, or instead create a cohesive gallery wall with a collection of smaller, subtler art. Giclée prints are high-quality continuous-tone digital recreations of original artistic work, and leave your walls looking luxe and polished. If prints don't speak to your artistic taste, mix it up with singular sculptural pieces made with natural wood, rustic metals and lustrous glass.

Bathroom Wall Decor

Mirrors are a must in any bathroom—if there isn't room for a floor mirror or full-length mirror, consider hanging a couple of wall mirrors in different sizes and shapes to offer varied perspectives. Mirror wall art functions as both decoration and as a reflective surface for checking appearances. If you're strapped for wall space but would still like a full-length style, consider an over-the-door mirror.

Bedroom Wall Decor

Because the bedroom is one of the more private spaces in your home, you have more lenience to experiment with decorative themes, patterns and color schemes. Make a statement and hang one or two big, bold framed prints—placement options include over the bed, over the dresser or by the armchair in the reading nook, if your bedroom has one. You can also fill your wall shelving with special personal display items and mementos. Don't shy away from absolutely filling your shelving with framed photos of family, friends and pets. Finish the space with a glamorous full-length floor mirror for a touch of luxury.

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