How to Host a Successful Housewarming Party

Once you’ve unpacked your boxes (most of them, anyway) and gone so far as to hang up some artwork, it’s time to roll out the welcome mat and celebrate your new place. After all, your friends and family are likely just as anxious to see your place as you are to show it off. Here are some housewarming party ideas that make the most of your brand new home.

White dinnerware, including dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and serveware

Give yourself a few weeks between your move-in date and housewarming party.

Your guests are coming to see what you’ve done with your new home, so don’t plan a gathering within a week of being handed the keys. Take at least two to three weeks to unpack, organize, decorate, clean, and otherwise whip your home into tip-top shape—then bask in your guests’ oohs and ahhs.

Housewarming gatherings are casual by nature, so don’t worry about fussy invitations.

No need to mail formal engraved cards; simple, tasteful invitations with your new address and directions are perfectly fine. And if you’re short on time (or can’t remember which box your stationery ended up in), fun email invites are totally acceptable too. Aim to invite guests about a week in advance at least.

Skip the standard party games in favor of house tours.

Let’s face it, your guests are coming to see the ins and outs of your new home just as much as they want to see you. When giving individual walkthroughs to every guest may prove impossible, offer small group tours to show off your home’s best features.

Make it a potluck.

Especially if you’re still in the midst of organizing your new kitchen, ask your guests to contribute a dish to share—they’ll bring the eats, you’ll provide the drinks. And speaking of drinks, consider only offering up liquids of the clear variety. There’s nothing worse than “christening” your new home with red punch stains.

Stocked home bar with martini glasses, cocktail shaker, ice bucket and other barware

Consider giving your housewarming party a theme that’s fun and practical.

Tell your guests you’re planning a “Stock the Bar” party, which gives them instant guidance on what to gift you, from barware, stemware and decanters to liquor. Not only will you be well-supplied for your first party, you’ll likely end up with extra libations on hand for the next as well.

Aim for an ambiance that’s warm and welcoming.

Even if you’re not entirely finished decorating yet, a few little things like an assortment of white taper or pillar candles set throughout the house, good music playing, and an array of cozy seating areas all make your home seem inviting and complete.

Set aside space for housewarming gifts.

Flowers and plants, bottles of wine, cards—your guests may arrive with presents in hand, so make sure an out-of-the-way side table or console is cleared to receive them.

Wind things down by offering coffee or tea.

A closing drink is a polite way to let guests know when your housewarming party is wrapping up. Raise the lights a tad, lower the music—and thank your guests warmly as they depart.

What are your favorite housewarming party ideas? Share them with us by using the hashtag #CrateStyle.

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