In 1944, Peter Bodum began building his company on the core philosophy of modern design that form should follow function. Along with many of the great, mid-century industrial designers, he believed good design should be functional and affordable. In 1958, the company introduced the SANTO vacuum coffee maker that was praised for its unique design and ability to make delicious coffee. It was one of the most popular coffee makers from the time it debuted well into the 1970s. Peter's son Jorgen took over the company in 1974 at the age of 26 and introduced the world to the product Bodum is known for, the Bistro French press coffee maker.

About the Bodum French Press

Considered to be one of the most environmentally-friendly coffee makers, a Bodum French press couldn't be easier to use. Coarsely ground coffee is placed in a glass carafe. Hot water is poured over the grounds, and a plunger with a built in mesh filter is placed on top. The mixture is allowed to steep for a bit and then the brewing process is stopped by pushing the plunger down and forcing the coffee grounds to the bottom of the carafe. The result is a strong, full-bodied pot of coffee. When finished, throw the grounds into a compost bin and wash out the carafe and clean the plunger. You've enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee generating little or no waste.

Other Bodum Products

Based on the success of the Bodum French press coffee maker, they continued to expand their product line and in 1991 introduced a second icon product, the Bodum Assam Tea Press. Developed for the British Tea Association, Bodum applied the same concept for making coffee to brewing tea. Loose tea is placed in a stainless steel filter equipped with a plunger that sits in a beautiful borosilicate glass teapot. The teapot is filled with hot water and the tea is allowed to steep. After a few minutes, a plunger is pressed down to halt the steeping process and the tea is ready to be poured out.

Crate and Barrel is proud to carry these iconic coffee makers and tea presses. They are perfectly in harmony with Crate and Barrel's philosophy of providing customers with well-designed products that are functional and affordable. Crate and Barrel also provides a carefully curated collection of other Bodum products designed to enhance the coffee and tea drinking experience. Along with Bodum coffee makers and tea presses, there are smartly designed Bodum coffee grinders that can be used to grind coffee for any coffee machine and carafes for storing coffee and tea once it is made so it is hot and ready to enjoy.

Since first introducing the Bodum French press coffee maker in 1974, the company has manufactured more than 100 million coffee presses and 30 million teapots. The are an easily recognized brand around the world and respected by coffee and tea aficionados.

Shop our carefully curated collection of Bodum products and enjoy deliciously brewed coffee from a Bodum French Press or flavorful tea from a Bodum tea press.

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